May 22, 2019

Fintech Executive Laurent Paulhac Joins Say as CEO

Say Team

New York, May 22, 2019 - Say, a technology platform for open communication between companies and their shareholders, announced today that Laurent Paulhac will serve as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer. Paulhac is a seasoned leader with a proven record of launching and scaling technology companies in the financial services sector.

Say is reimagining the antiquated world of “investor communications,” with new services for shareholders—owning any amount of stock directly or via funds—corporate issuers and broker-dealers. Paulhac’s appointment comes on the heels of Say launching its Q&A platform in partnership with Tesla, which allowed Tesla’s retail shareholders to ask questions on its Q1 2019 earnings call. Paulhac’s arrival also coincides with a successful 2019 proxy season for Say's regulated shareholder communications business.

“I am honored to lead Say in this critical next phase of its growth, helping public companies achieve more effective engagement with their shareholders,” said Paulhac. “Say’s talented team is already partnering with major clients to significantly evolve investor communications. Between Say’s regulated shareholder communications services, its groundbreaking Q&A platform, and its engaging iOS app, the company is taking a fresh approach to reimagine this system.”

“Laurent has successfully built and led transformative fintech companies for nearly two decades,” said Matthew Granade, Managing Partner of Point72 Ventures and member of Say’s Board of Directors. “We are pleased to have the benefit of his acumen and experience as Laurent leads Say in its next chapter.”

"The existing proxy system has prevented a new generation of investors—connected largely through mobile apps—from accessing their full rights as owners. Say has radically improved the process for many broker-dealers but the opportunity is much larger: half of investing has been missing and the entire industry needs access. I'm thrilled to welcome an experienced company builder and operator like Laurent to further develop the business to scale,“ added Jeff Cruttenden, Say’s co-founder and independent investor.

Prior to joining Say, Paulhac served as Global Head of Client Relationship Management at TP ICAP. Before that, he was a member of the executive management teams at financial market companies ICAP and CME Group. He was also CEO of high-growth startups Credit Market Analysis and Prescient Markets, which he sold to CME Group and Sungard, respectively.

About Say:

Say is a technology startup connecting shareholders with the companies they own. By modernizing the regulated proxy processing system and establishing new ways for investors to exercise their shareholder rights, Say provides companies, institutional investors, analysts and broker-dealers with leverageable insights into their investor base.