May 3, 2020

Introducing: Portal

Say Team

Product Manager Chloe Imus explains Say’s most recent disruption in the investor communications industry.

For every security your brokerage carries, there are disclosures, documents, and proxy ballots that need to be distributed to your customers. Until now, brokers’ limited visibility into these transactions have left investor communications as only a regulatory task and nothing more.

That’s why we’re launching Portal, a secure, easy to use dashboard that gives transparency to these compliance transactions and transforms them into valuable business insights.

All the assurance. All the time.

Compliance and operations teams can sleep well at night knowing exactly when and where communications are being sent. Portal is the first product of its kind to display the wide range of intricate regulated communications in such an intuitive, customizable, and scalable manner, by providing high-level views of weekly distribution along with full reports on specific mailings in the past, present, or upcoming in the future.

Understand your customers like never before

While delivering required information to shareholders within the regulatory deadline is the foundational component of our dedication to customer experience, the user journey that comes with Say is what elevates your customer experience. Portal displays the additional Say touchpoints that connect customers with their investments, and real-time engagement analytics reveal a meaningful story that shows what your customers care about. Marketing, customer experience, and legal teams all use Portal’s data to bolster their own operations.

Discover industry insights

We’re proud to be the first investor communications provider that has codified thousands of corporate events and investor communications across multiple years to unveil past, present, and upcoming industry trends. Unprecedented levels of shareholder proposals, activism, special meetings, and corporate actions exist in the modern economy. Portal synthesizes disparate data points to paint a clearer picture of what's happening in investing and what’s to come.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your regulatory obligations?

No matter your brokerage needs - whether it’s proxy distribution, corporate action processing, post-sale prospectus fulfillment, trade confirmations, PII-free solutions, or simply increasing customer engagement - Portal comes complimentary with your Say partnership. Already have these services covered from an old-school vendor but looking for more transparency, better pricing, and better customer experience? Make the switch today.

Compliance is no longer a chore. Say’s Broker Portal shows you why. Interested in seeing more? Talk to an expert for a product demo.