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Every broker-dealer needs to send investor communications. Brokers that use Say provide customers the best experience.

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Proxy Processing
Fund Reports
Trade Confirmations
Post-Sale Prospectus Delivery
Voluntary Corporate Actions
Class Actions Processing

Don't settle, elevate your customer experience.

Until now, investor communications have been uninviting, uninformative, and unimaginative. Say provides brokers the opportunity to transform this compliance function into an experience customers deserve.

Your customers, your brand

Say's communications and voting experience look and feel like your own, right out of the box.

Whether you're promoting a new product, looking to increase trading activity, or focusing on customer referrals, Say helps you meet your goals.

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The information investors want, where they want it

Investors expect information at their fingertips. Say provides you the tools to surface content and create rich experiences that keep customers coming back for more.

  • Investors can vote and view documents without ever leaving your app or website.

  • Your customers will have access to additional context that will make them feel more confident and less confused.

Boost your customer loyalty

Say provides customizable communications and a vote website that look and feel like your own right out of the box.

  • Increase session count with entry points back to your products

  • Generate growth with promotional opportunities

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Compliance has never looked so good

Access real-time reporting through Portal. Radical transparency gives peace of mind to compliance teams and sophisticated data analytics offers insights to enhance your customer experience.

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What brokers get with Say

A scalable platform

Say’s infrastructure is built to effortlessly handle trillions of data points through the most modern tech stack on the market.

Built-in data security

With bank-grade encryption, your customers’ data is safe with us. Our proprietary PII-free integration option goes a step further: No names. No email addresses. No risk.

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Developer-first experience

Say provides a top-notch developer experience with our comprehensive API documentation and setup guides.

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Unparalleled customer service

We're equipped to respond immediately to your needs with services ranging from a dedicated Slack channel to on-site walkthroughs.

“Say’s investor communications platform streamlines the process from end to end and enables my brokerage operations team to track and manage communications in real-time.”

Gary Wiedman
Co-founder of Sixteen Securities

“There was a pre-Say Acorns and a post-Say Acorns. I never want to return to pre-Say Acorns."

Noah Kerner
CEO of Acorns

“The investor communications and proxy voting system seemed impervious to innovation until we saw what Say was building. The future potential of our long-term partnership is what’s most exciting to us.”

Robert Cortright
CEO of DriveWealth

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