Shareholder Q&A Experience

Make your voice heard.

Say helps shareholders participate as owners by voting, asking questions, and learning more about their investments.

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Shareholder Q&A Experience
Mobile Shareholder Q&A Experience

Get answers from the companies you own with Shareholder Q&A

Companies using Say want to hear from you during their earnings calls, investor days, fireside chats, and more. By asking a question (or upvoting someone else’s) you can learn more about important company topics.

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Mobile Shareholder Q&A Experience
Mobile Shareholder Q&A Experience
Shareholder Messages Experience
Mobile Shareholder Messages Experience

Receive direct messages from the companies you own through Shareholder Messages

Companies want to connect with you to send business updates, exclusive invites, product announcements, voting opportunities, and more. Joining the Say network ensures that you receive these messages when they’re sent.

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Boost your customer loyalty

Say provides customizable communications and a vote website that look and feel like your own right out of the box.

  • Increase session count with entry points back to your products

  • Generate growth with promotional opportunities

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Learn more about your investments with informative, easy-to-understand investor communications.

If you invest through a broker that gives you Say, you’ll have one of the easiest to use and most engaging shareholder experience in the industry. We’re constantly working to add new brokers, so if yours isn’t supported yet, let us know here!

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Investor Communications Experience
Investor Communications Experience