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Investors use Say to get smarter about their investments and be heard by the companies they invest in.

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No shareholder is too small.

No matter how many shares you own, being a shareholder comes with a few perks. Among them is the right to vote and share your views with the company and other shareholders.
Do companies want to hear from shareholders like me?
Yes! Companies want to hear from all of their shareholders and Say makes it easy.
How do companies use Say to communicate?
They invite shareholders to participate in the conversation by proxy voting, asking questions and providing feedback.
How can I use Say to ask questions?
Companies use Say Q&A to crowdsource questions for their annual meetings, earnings calls and other events.
They respond to the top-voted questions during the event to make sure shareholders have the information they need.
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How can I provide feedback to companies?
Companies poll shareholders like you to learn what you think about their performance and future outlook.
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When do I get to vote? How will I know?
Brokers and investing apps use Say to send investor communications.
You are probably used to getting this stuff in the mail. It contains info about company performance and gives you access to vote during shareholder meetings.
Say gives you this information right in your investing app but with more context so there's less confusion and it's easier to vote.
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